Apple's New Ultra-Thin MacBook Air

Imagine the thinnest Apple laptop that could possibly be created - Steve Jobs has done it again. On Wednesday, Oct 20, 2010, Apple released their new, ultra-thin, iPad inspired MacBook Air. And you guessed it - this laptop is thinner than ever. The sheer size of the MacBook Air limits the hard drive space to 256 GB, which rules out the MacBook Air as a primary computer - but it's an awesome gadget for any tech buff.


The all-flash storage used in the Air is the same technology already being used in iPod's, iPhone's, and iPad's. All-flash storage is necessary to keep the laptop so thin, but it limits hard drive space. On top of that, the Air can stay in standby mode for up to 30 days. 

Multi-Touch Trackpad 

You know how you can pinch, swipe, and rotate your iPhone? The Multi-Touch Trackpad on the Air integrates a whole new way to scroll on your laptop. It has a buttonless design, so you can click anywhere on the pad, as well as perform the new three-finger drag to move windows around. Don't be held back by your mousepad!

Battery Life

All-flash storage leaves about 75% more juice for your battery. The 11-inch model gets up to 5 hours of battery life on a single charge, and the 13-inch model gets about 7. Closing your MacBook Air will put it into stanby mode for up to 30 days. When you come back to open up your latop, it's on in an instant.

Display and Camera 

 The new MacBook Air measures a mere 4.86 millimeters thin, but has such high resolution you feel like you're looking at a much bigger screen. The FaceTime Camera is thin as well, even thinner than the camera on the iPhone 4 but with great picture quality. The left and right speakers project sound through the keyboard itself to provide you with a rich audio experience while using space efficiently.

Video Performance

The NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card is the same one used in the 13-inch MacBook  Pro. It has twice the capability of the previous generation of MacBook Air and consumers can choose between 2 or 4 GB of RAM. 


Two USB portsin the new MacBook Air is a definite improvement. It features wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities which allows you to send email or browse the web from anywhere with an internet connection. Both models have a mini display-port that can connect to larger external screens such as HDTV's and projectors. The 13-inch model also offers an SD card reader, the 11 inch model does not. 

The best thing about these new MacBooks is the battery life and the price. Sure, the Air might not have as much data storage as other laptops, but 30 day standby time and ultra-light appearance make 999$ a great deal for the 11-inch. You might not use the MacBook Air as your primary computer, but it's ease of portability makes it a great laptop for travel, family, and convenience. (See MacBook Air here)


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Oct 29, 2010
by Spencer Lanoue

the pinch

I love being able to pinch my ipod touch, if my laptop could do that I'd be stoked!