Apple's Next Venture: iMove Hybrid Car

Apple is preparing to add yet another product whose name will of course begin with that signature lowercase "i."  The newest venture: a hybrid car.  Italian auto designer, Liviu Tudoran, has released his design for the Apple iMove concept car for the year 2020.  Not forgetting the company's computer roots, the entire dashboard features a touchscreen interface and an exterior clearly reminiscent of Apple's signature computer mouse.

20 year-old student, Tudoran, studies at the internationally acclaimed European Institute of Design in Torino, Italy.  Tudoran designed the car with a 3-seat configuration and innovative luggage storage space.  What we presently refer to as a "trunk" will be a "luggage storage space" in the iMove.  Rather than storing belongings under a heavy slab of metal, the iMove allows drivers to stow items under an "elastic textile material" in the rear of the car which holds any objects tightly under its firm, but elastic, pressure.  Exterior luggage straps will also be available to give a Euro-traveler vibe.

The roof of the iMove is a "pyramidal" shape formed by glass receptors, which also function to charge the vehicle's electronic dashboard.  The exterior's transparent body consists of "photochromic" material which will allow drivers to change the vehicle's appearance using the various available presets.  A wide array of unique, futuristic rims have also been designed for further customization.  "Clean and open" access to the interior is visible by the unique doors of the vehicle.  Furthermore, driver's will be able to open the top of the car while driving to give a "cabriolet feeling."

The iMove's small city design offers a modern, high-tech vibe as well as a greener alternative to gas powered cars.  Most importantly for current Apple users the vehicle ensures drivers the opportunity to more openly display their loyalty to the brand than ever before.


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Sep 30, 2010
by Anonymous

Dud That's a student


That's a student project.

A joke for this site

Oct 8, 2010
by Amanda Hinski
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Input Appreciated :)

I appreciate your input, but it was my understanding that this site is not limited to inventions; covers innovations as well.  While the iMove is a student project, it is considered an innovation, which is defined as "a change in the thought process for doing something, or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries"  This innovation would come under "a change in the thought process for doing something."  Keep in mind that I am a "guest blogger," so I wanted to offer something unique that may not be normally covered by the site. I do, however, appreciate your insight and will keep it in mind for the future.

Oct 11, 2011
by Anonymous

Thanks to sites like yours

Thanks to sites like yours Noticias24 (a Venezuelan news website) is talking of the "new car project" by Apple. Of course, people with a little common sense like me care enough to do some research and realize it's just a student project. but many people all over the world are buying into the mistake (they got their source from a colombian news outlet that made the same mistake). So.