April Fools: Move for Gmail, 2D-ify Your Movies, and Wear the Wii on Your Head

It's that time of the year once again: when pranksters run loose and no one can be trusted. It's April Fool's day and it's a day when even outrageous ruckus is accepted in the office. The world wide web is no exception to the fooleries of the day--in fact, it's one of the places where the pranks get as crazy as they can be. However, the people behind some of the most outrageous pranks are coming clean as the day winds down so I've compiled a list of the best jokes that I came across.

They almost fooled me but years of falling for these tricks on April 1st have given me extra incentive to check the calendar whenever something sounds too good (or too crazy) to be true.

1. Gmail Motion

Introducing Gmail Motion, which eliminates the need for a mouse and a keyboard while you check your mail and send off some messages. This sounds real high-tech but all it needs is your webcam and Google's patented spatial tracking technology (say what?!) There's a printable guide which will tell you how to move to navigate through your mail, but it looks like a lot of hard word just to navigate through your inbox. 

Gmail put in a lot of effort in their April Fool's Day prank as usual. The page comes complete with a Youtube video, testimonials from people who can attest to the technology, as well as photos that show you how it works. Good one, Google!

Check out the prank here: Gmail Motion Beta

2.  De-3D Cinema Glasses

Imagine a world where you can have glasses that convert a 3D movie into a 2D one. 3D movies can get to be quite the headache, so the next time your friends want to watch a 3D movie then just pop in these glasses to enjoy the movie the old-school conventional way in 2D.

It sounds like a pretty fascinating idea, but there's an even simpler solution to this quandary: go watch the 2D version of the movie and catch up with your friends later!

Check out the gag here: ThinkGeek

3. Greyscale Light Bulb

Can a light bulb really play such tricks on the eye and on the human brain and turn a whole room (and maybe your entire house) into classic black and white? That's what the folks at Thumbs Up! want you to think. It sounds insane but they've got the photos and scientific-sounding text on the product page to convince you that it's real.

But just when you scroll down to purchase the product, ding goes the mono-chromatic light bulb in your head as they reveal that it was all just a joke. Aww.

Click here to check out the lightbulb: Thumbs Up!

4. The ThinkGeek WiiHelm

Holding that Wii remote in your hands sure gets tiring sometimes. So why not fasten it on your head on the WiiHelm and prevent straining your arms? Your neck might get a decent workout this way.

ThinkGeek throws up a lot of crazy April Fool's day offerings on their site so if you want a decent laugh, head on over to their site and peruse their wide range of outrageously fake products.

Click here for the WiiHelm: ThinkGeek

Did you get fooled?

Let us know which April Fools' jokes got the best of you! Happy April Fool's day!