April Fools Businesses: 10 Places To Fool A Friend On April 1st

April Fool's Day might be an under-rated holiday, or one that's universally dreaded. Whatever it is, there are some great businesses that will help you make a friend of yours into an April Fool to ring in the 1st of the month!

#10 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Bodega Hidden Store

Bodega Hidden StoreBodega Hidden Store

Bodega is Boston's Hidden shoe store. The joke really isn't upon visiting the place, although the hefty pricetag may be an unpleasant surprise; it's the journey to get there. Bodega his hidden with a secret entrance inside a non-descript convenience store. Better yet, even once you're inside the convenience store you've got to find the Snapple vending machine that's the gateway to the underground store. If you really want to fool a friend on April Fool's, tell them to take you to Bodega; the joke will be on them when they can't find it!

#9 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Klee's Breast Milk Cheese

Breast Milk MealsBreast Milk Meals

It doesn't really matter where you stand on the breast feeding debate, or how you feel about the consumption of breast milk by fully developed grown adults; this is still a great spot to visit in NYC on April Fool's Day. Make sure your friend noshes on Klee's infamous breast milk cheese and they'll never believe it's breast milk, or perhaps they just won't want to.

#8 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Toy Traveling

Travel ToysTravel Toys

So, if you've got a friend who's been dreaming of world travels but just can't seem to make it come true; well, obviously you're not about to take them on April Fool's Day. But you know what you can do? Send their favorite toy on a trip with Toy Traveling and present them with the photos. How's that for April Fool's?

#7 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Wine Tasting with Fast Food

Wine and Fast FoodWine and Fast Food

If you've got a really classy friend who turns their nose up at fast food, schedule a wine tasting at Learn About Wine. The joke will be on them when they're blind folding and presented classy wines paired with In-N-Out cheese burgers.

#6 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Surprise Meal Cafe

Surprise CafeSurprise Cafe

When you go to a cafe or coffee shop you typically want what you want. When you order a cappuccino, you expect that's what you're going to receive. Really, Japan's Ogori Cafe is an April Fool's joke on everyone year-round, because you always get what the person before you asked for. You order what you think you want, because how else will they know what the next person should be served? A trip to this cafe might be going too far if you know someone who has severe food allergies.

#5 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Holiday Inn Bed Warming Services

Bed Warmers at Holiday InnBed Warmers at Holiday Inn

After a long trip to get to a surprise destination with a friend on April 1st, they'll want nothing more to crawl into bed. While they might be surprised to be greeted by a very attractive person in their bed ready for a fun night, they might not be so impressed to find a fleece pyjama-clad Holiday Inn bed warmer between their sheets heating things up with their body.

#4 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Get them a Pretend Kid 

Office KitOffice Kit

You can't really go there, but you can order a pretend kid for them from Office Kit, or pretend to have one of your own just in case you're looking for a good excuse to get out of their terrible parties. Yep, this business provides a complete selection of parent worthy products; child portraits, drawings in crayon and more!

#3 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Dine in the Dark

Dining in the DarkDining in the Dark

In Toronto you can take a friend to Toronto's Dine in the Dark where you can't see a thing. There are a whole slew of reasons why this is a great April Fool's destination, and you can add in a few of your own; but here are some of the obvious. Firstly, there is a surprise dining option; you won't know what you'll get on your plate and won't get to see it either. Next, for those really into the true practical jokes, dark dining is the perfect opportunity to mess around.

#2 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Give Them a Big Head at Lamood


Fine, it's an online store, but ordering from Lamood is a great opportunity to tell someone they've got a big head. Sure, it's a good figurative statement to make for your know-it-all friend; but seriously, this store IS all about hats for big heads.

#1 Place to Fool a Friend on April 1st - Surprise Them With a Little Nudity at Sub Rosa

Sub RosaSub Rosa

Drop in at Sub Rosa in Maine that's known for hosting its nudie barbeques where the servers and the guests are welcome to strip down. It'll be shocking when your friend is asked to leave their bra or boxers at the door...April Fool's!!!

If you're a regular reader, you know by now that I have an issue with putting things in order. Neither #1 nor #10 above are necessarily the best; they'll all make you a pretty good April Fool (err, or your friend I mean).