Aqua Sounders Floating Speakers Liven Up Your Pool Party


Outdoor speakers are a necessity for anyone who loves to throw a big outdoor gathering or barbecue. Whether you're using wall-mounted speakers on the exterior of your home or rock-shaped speakers slipped subtly into your garden, nothing livens up those outdoor parties like a good set of outdoor speakers powered by your home stereo system.

Unlike indoor speakers that rely upon the walls in your room to reproduce accurate, powerful audio, outdoor speakers have no such advantage. So when the speakers are all the way up on the deck and you're all the way down in the pool, the sound may be lost long before it gets to you. And then you might just  completely miss out on Wreckx-N-Effect. And isn't the entire point to get all the bikini-clad ladies dancing in and around the pool?

 If you thought there was no reason to purchase yet another set of speakers, you were mistaken. These Aqua Sounders from Grace Digital Audio can be thrown directly into the pool. Fully waterproof, Aqua Sounders float around and bring all that great party music right into the pool itself. So there's sure to be plenty of poolside rump shakin'. Your party is saved and you can thank me with an invite.

The dock operates wirelessly up to 150 feet away. Six AA batteries power each speaker and provide up to six hours of play time. You can add up to 10 additional speakers ($100/ea.) to each dock. Dock and speaker sell for $150. The speakers even emit "mood lighting" perfect for a quiet evening with that special bikini-clad someone. (UPDATE: You can find these now at Amazon for about half the price.)

Just be careful not to confuse the Aqua Sounder with the pool volleyball. Spiking that thing would be painful to the speaker, the recipient and, in the long run, you.

Source: DVICE

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