Aquadoodle Classic Mat A Draws Kids In Again And Again

As Christmas rapidly approaches, parents are seeking the perfect gift for their young children - preferably one that won't damage the house or dye the dog purple. Say hello to the classic Aquadoodle mat.

Aquadoodle has been around for awhile, but pops up again and again as a front-runner for holiday toys. Currently, the classic mat set is ranked #1 on Amazon in both the "Drawing Sets" and "Art and Creativity" sections.


First off, its fun. Aquadoodle's no-mess technology uses only a water-filled pen to create masterpieces on the mat surface, with each touch producing color. Once the water dries, the ink dissappears and kids can use the mat again and again. Drawing is simple and smooth, and there are a number stamps and other accessories that can make it even more creative.

Next, the whole set-up is non-toxic and easily rolls up for storage once the kids are done playing with it. The classic mat measures 18" by 13" and is just 2.5" thick, making it big enough to draw on but simple enough to put away.

The classic Aquadoodle mat: fun - just with water!The classic Aquadoodle mat: fun - just with water! 

Right now, Amazon is offering the classic mat for $12.99 along with a sample of "Moon Dough". Moon Dough is a non-toxic, non-drying, wheat-free molding clay that can be used to make just about anything a kid can imagine.

Aquadoodle is simple, easy fun for the kid in all of us and any kid over 2. Creativity is always a blast, and the Aquadoodle classic mat aims to make the joy of creating as simple, fun, and clean as possible.

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