The Aqualet eLoo: Personal Cleanliness Goes High Tech

Aqualet eLoo by New Linea, ItaliaAqualet eLoo by New Linea, ItaliaNew Line, Italia has redefined the concept of personal cleanliness with its new line of computerized toilet/bidets.  The Aqualet eLoo, which takes up less space than half of a toilet or bidet, is a must have for high tech gadget lovers as well as obsessive-compulsives.

The Aqualet is what you would call a clean machine.   Wall-mounted, so you can adjust its height to suit your most comfortable seating position, you also have the advantage of more floor space in your bathroom (not to mention, you can clean around it more easily).

Once under the lid, which opens much like a duck's beak, you'll find true brilliance in Aqualet's technology. What isn't operated by eLoo's 'intuition,' can be operated by you through the controls mounted right next to the seat. The eLoo's 3-level heated toilet seat, automatic flush, automatic heat-controlled, air-jetted private part cleanser (front and back), heat-controlled air dry of your private parts, and the eLoo's own self-cleaning system are going to make a big difference to your lifestyle.  Really.


Aqualet eLoo by New Linea, Italia: image via trendir.comAqualet eLoo by New Linea, Italia: image via


The eLoo is made of germ-resistant plastic for maximum hygiene, the inner sprays are all adjustable, and it has intuitive energy saving features.  And where's the toilet paper?  Nowhere.  You would never have to buy it again.

Even the Mona Lisa's got a new smile...



It's not very often one gets excited by a new toilet... but the eLoo is definitely an exception.  Check out the Aqualet eLoo models in action at New Line's videogallery.


New Line via Trendir