Aquamantra's New BIO Bottle: I Am Green! I Am Green!

Aquamantra, the company that brings you mantras on your bottled spring water, will introduce a new biodegradable PET bottle that will recycle in one to five years, the company says, even without sunlight. Maybe the bottle's new mantra will be I am green.

Aquamantra, inspired by the movie "What the Bleep Do We Know?" in which a Buddhist monk's thoughts changed the molecular structure of water, created an award winning spring water by repeating the mantra "I am healthy" to the water, Aquamantra claims.

And who is anyone to challenge the company? The water, which now comes in "I Am Healthy," "I Am Loved," "I Am Lucky," and "I Am Grateful," is a popular seller, and winner of water tasting contests. Repeating these mantras to yourself might energize you as well as the mantra-energized water, originally derived from Mt. Palomar Springs in California.

The new Aquamantra water bottle, which is being called the BIO bottle, will be introduced in May. It is being produced by ENSO Bottles, LLC in Phoenix, which developed a form of PET that is recyclable and biodegradable within one to five years in aerobic or anaerobic conditions. Aquamantra also investigated using PLA (a thermoplastic derived from renewable sources like sugar cane) bottles as a greener alternative to plastic, but decided it was not a practical alternative because the PLA would disintegrate while product was still on the shelves.

Repeat after me: I am green, I am green, I am green.

Aquamantra via Cleantech Forum