The Aquarium Armrest: Worst. Auto Feature. EVAR

The WitStar Concept car might look smart but one particular feature is particularly half-witted: a transparent “Fish Pod” separating the vehicle's rear seats. While an in-car aquarium could be justified as luxury option, most would see it as at least frivolous; at worst outrageous... and one can just imagine what the fish think.

Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd. (GAC Group for short) presented the WitStar Concept car at the 2013 Guangzhou Auto Show and, perhaps not too surprisingly, it hasn't been seen or heard of since.

It's not known whether the vehicle's bizarre Fish Pod sparked controversy at the time but seeing as GAC Group is involved in joint ventures with Fiat, Honda, Mitsubishi and Toyota, one imagines controversy is the last thing the company desires.

But back to the Fish Pod itself – we have to give GAC Group some credit for not describing it as a luxury feature though their explanation is, well, curious and questionable. The WitStar Concept, it seems, was built to showcase autonomous driving technology.

Since a crash would break the pod and kill the fish inside it (not to mention making a waterlogged mess of the interior's seats and carpet), the mere fact that GAC Group would install an aquarium in a driverless car means they're confident the WitStar can successfully avoid obstacles and keep everyone – of every species – safe. Sounds legit!

One can see hints of a bright future where vehicles like the WitStar Concept car cruise autonomously along streets and highways while their occupants enjoy stress-free travel.

Note the front bucket seats can turn 180-degrees to face the back seat, creating a cozy conversation chamber with the fabulous Fish Pod at its center. The future does indeed look bright, so bright we've gotta wear shades... and that includes a shade for the Fish Pod. (via CarNewsChina)