Aquaskipper : A Pogo Stick for the Water

70 percent of the earth is covered by water. Which mean that you can only use a pogo stick on the remaining 30 percent….until now. The Aquaskipper actually glides across the water, and uses only human power to do so, offering a brisk cardio workout. Not only will you have a good time and get loads of attention from anyone within sight, but you will also burn some calories.

The unique design uses a hydrofoil to keep the craft afloat. Your bouncing motion is basically the same thing as a bird flapping it’s wings. The downward force pushes on the water and keeps you moving forward. As you move forward, the hydrofoil’s wing-like design keeps forcing water underneath it so you continue to glide across the water. Interestingly enough, by using only a simple hopping motion you can easily reach speeds up to 17miles per hour, which is more than four times faster than some of the fastest freestyle swimmers in the world.

The frame is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum and fiberglass, which makes it a lightweight at only 26 pounds. It can easily be launched from boats, docks or even the shore. When in use it is roughly 4 feet tall, 8 feet wide and 6 feet long. When not in use, it easily folds down to be stored in its own carrying case. The wide steps and handlebars make the Aquaskipper easy to maintain balance on and operate. The steps are covered by a non-slip rubber mold. The spring responsible for propelling you across the surface is covered with a rubber sleeve to keep it safe from the elements, which means no maintenance.

Aside from being highly unique, the Aquaskipper is a fun way to get in a good workout, along with scoping out some good fishing spots for a little relaxation afterwards. Maybe the fishermen will find this useful as well?


George Delozier
Guest Blogger

Oct 10, 2007
by World's Smartest Man (not verified)

Water Pogo

I've must say, that looks highly entertaining.