Arash AF10 Almost Production Ready

About 2 years ago, a British Automotive Company called Arash showed us a prototype of a vehicle called the AF10 at the London Motor Show. Since then not much has been heard about it, until just recently that is.

The new supercar has been through quite a lot in its short lifetime, but after a handful of management swaps the design has finally been decided upon and production plans are now being developed. The AF10 draws some inspiration from the Ferrari Enzo, but will not carry a price tag nearly as high. In fact, the reason Arash designed the AF10 was to proved a more affordable supercar to the public. And with a price listed at about $290,000, it will suit the need pretty well.

Most of the body and chassis is comprised of carbon fiber to save as much weight as possible. It tips the scales at 2645.5 lbs, which is 350lbs less than the Enzo. Handling shouldn't be an issue thanks to the lack of weight and a very well tuned suspension.

Powering the F10 will be none other than the Corvette Z06 7.0 liter V8. It has been specially tuned and is rated at a respectable 530 horsepower. Getting the power to the ground will be the job of a brand new 6-speed Graziano gear-box. If you prefer to keep both hands on the wheel, Arash is planning on releasing a sequential gearbox sometime in the near future.

There are also some rumors flying around that a higher performance model of the V10 could be housing the supercharged ZR1 engine although this has yet to be confirmed. If that is the case, power figures would be pushed into the 640 horsepower range and the fun factor would almost double.

There is also talk of building a cheaper version of the AF10, most likely being named the AF8, which would be less powerful and more affordable.

Performance figures have not been released, but from the looks of the powertrain they should be respectable to say the least.

From : MotorTrend