Arcade Game Piggy Bank Saves Money, Plays Retro Games

Laughing all the way to the bank!Laughing all the way to the bank!


This new arcade game piggy bank from Japan features Tetris or Atari Breakout. Playing these retro games at the local arcade used to cost us rolls of quarters, but no longer - now playing can actually SAVE you money!

Arcade games of the 1980s were notorious money magnets that had parents pulling out their hair and kids pulling up sofa cushions to look for quarters. We're older now and our parents - and some of us - have no more hair to pull, but the appeal of classic early video games is timeless.

Now two of our fave games - Atari Breakout and Tetris - have been reworked into smaller consoles that will cost you in the short term but pay off in the long run. That's because YOU own the game, which doubles as a piggy bank!

The Arcade Game Piggy Bank comes in your choice of black or white with both featuring a red ball topped joystick. The black bank plays Atari Breakout and the white bank plays Tetris. Each bank costs 3,850 yen or around $39.90 plus shipping from Japan.

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Nov 29, 2008
by Beth Graddon-Hodgson
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 If it weren't for the

 If it weren't for the shipping from Japan, that probably costs more than the product, I would be ordering one of these in a second. Change jars...step aside!

Beth Hodgson
Innovative Business Writer