Archaic Lingerie: Armored Underwear, Scary or Scandalous?

Chastity belts are one thing, but the latest armored underwear that made an appearance at the Triumph Inspiration Awards at Bunka Fashion College is strictly archaic and a little bit scary.

The armored underwear that made its appearance certainly isn't designed to remain under your clothing, especially not with the terrifying mouth guard.  But, for those with fetishes about seeing their women dressed like knights in shining armor, this is unique lingerie that might make for an interesting, or terrifying experience behind closed doors.

For dads who want to lock up their daughters, this frightening underwear would probably be going overboard, but hey, it's better than an armed guard escort and only slightly less invasive.

What do you think of this armored underwear trend?

Via: TrendDeLaCreme

Sep 14, 2009
by Anonymous

Not scary

Personally, I think it's quite sexy