The Architec Recipe Rock Keeps Loose Recipes Out Of The Way Of Spills

I love to bake and I love trying out new recipes. With so many recipes available online these days, my choices are practically unlimited. This means that while I can bake to my hearts content, I also have a lot of loose recipe pages hanging around on the countertops. Sure, I could haul my laptop up to the kitchen and just read the recipes off that (and I sometimes do), but it's far easier to just print off a page and carry it up.

Unfortunately, part way through my bake-a-thon I inevitably splatter the page with egg, melted butter, something sticky or some combination of the three. If the recipe turns out to be a keeper I then have to re-print or keep the disgustingly splattered one. What's a disaster prone avid baker to do?

Enter the Architec Recipe Rock. This sleek and clever kitchen gadget keeps your loose recipes off the counter and upright so that they can be easily read and are out of the way of most spills. The gadget consists of a colorful 'rock' base and a strong magnetic ball. You just trap your recipes between the two and they're beautifully diplayed. The slight curve of the rock keeps pages from folding over and makes them easy to read. I love that the playful colors and the sculptural look of the Recipe Rock make it a fun piece to have around even when it's not in use. Click here to read customer reviews or to buy the Architec Recipe Rock.

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