Arcus Not Only Tracks Your Activity But Can Control Your Devices


Any 80's babies remember the show Captain Planet? Remember those awesome rings the kids had that controlled the earth's elements (and heart...lame)? Well the Arcus Motion Analyzer is a bit like those rings, but instead of controlling the earth, it can control your Bluetooth devices (and if you have a Bluetooth enabled fan, you could control the wind).

The Arcus Motion Analyzer recognizes gestures and so can give you control over things like your remote or thermostat. It can be used in presentations to control actions on your Smart Board or other Bluetooth device. You can also use it in video games and to move Bluetooth machines like a quadrocopter, and wearing two rings can allow you to control different actions in a device. 

Arcus Motion AnalyzerArcus Motion Analyzer

That's not all. Since the Arcus recognizes gestures, it can track your fitness activity, and it comes with an app that gives you information on daily activity. It can also give you metrics on sports related actions like your swim or golf stroke. For example it can determine your swim stroke style, efficiency and distance covered. 

The Arcus is also waterproof, is compatible with iOS devices, Andriod devices and Windows devices, can be wirelessly charged and can be used on all fingers. In short, it can be a tool to simplify daily life, workplace tasks and can help with athletic performance. 

However, the Arcus Motion Analyzer isn't yet on the market. The Arcus Motion Team has been at work on this device for about three years and is now raising funds to put it into mass production. You can check out more information on the Arcus Motion Analyzer on their Kickstarter page