Are Brodmann Blades The Biggest Table Tennis Innovation Of All Time? (Video!)

To be fair, these ping pong gloves might just be the only real table tennis innovation since the game was in invented, but that doesn’t lessen the fact that Brodmann Blades are really cool!

Have you ever played table tennis in Rare’s Kinect Sports? To hit the ball, you need to slap it with the palm or backside of your flattened hand, and the game’s play style felt extremely natural. Brodmann Blades take that videogame logic to the real world as a set of practical glove-like ping pong paddles. Just by looking at the glove, I can tell that slapping at an incoming ping pong ball like an amused cat would be much more accurate and ergonomically comfortable than gripping a standard paddle.

This new way to play table tennis could change the way that it is played professionally, and I’m not the only one who thinks that Brodmann Blades may be the biggest innovation in the sport’s history: The Rules Committee Chairman of the International Table Tennis Federation (No, I didn’t just make that up) said that “…the invention represents the first revolutionary idea since the beginning of the sport in the late eighteen hundreds.” See? I’m not the only table tennis enthusiast with a sense of taste!


Would you trade in the classic ping pong paddle in for the Brodmann Blades’ superior control, comfort and all-around fun factor? (If you want the upgrade, you can find them at Amazon!) Let us know all about your favorite table tennis techniques in the comments below!

Source: Brodmann Blades

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