Are Men's Leggings A New Hot Trend?

Leggings have been hot for women over the past few seasons, but I betcha didn't think they might extend to the other gender, at least not outside of sporting events that require tight pants, did you?

Men's LeggingsMen's Leggings

Well, the Thom Browne 2011 Spring Collection had its debut, and while it seems to be inspired by sports in general, it's attempting to bring men's leggings to the streets. As with women's leggings, these seem to be designed to be layered with other clothing items, which does offer a little bit of modesty.

Men's Leggings in Thom Browne 2011 Spring CollectionMen's Leggings in Thom Browne 2011 Spring Collection

Well, I'm not sold this is a trend that will take off, but if it does it's certain to spring a whole new set of over-exposure solutions as we've seen with the camel toe!

For those willing to try them, broad selection of men's leggings is available here.  Most are of the underwear variety but there are some men's fashion leggings as well.

Via: Hypebeast

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Jun 22, 2010
by Anonymous


COME ON NOW!!! TOO GAY FOR ME............

Jun 22, 2010
by Anonymous


U Tho Thilly! :)

Aug 7, 2010
by Anonymous

love it!

I love them! It's about time men were allowed the wide range of choices women have! Men's clothing is so restricted and boring!

Mar 20, 2012
by Anonymous

about time, but . . .

These look very poor. IMO they should be worn as outerwear with a more athletic look to the whole outfit. This designer has lost his mind. Myself or my friends, gay or straight, wouldn't be caught dead dressed like that! And we occasionally wear tights when we are out and about on the weekend. Typically we've been out for a run in the cooler weather and wear them with windbreaker. No shorts or silly outerwear.
They do look best on a toned body, and in darker shades. They are not for everybody - but if you've got the body, why not?