Are Netbooks Dying?


Maybe you were wondering if this was the time to invest in a netbook for your home, or your business needs. After all if you work on the go (or if you are busy trying to invent the next it product) being able to work wherever you need to is an amazing thing. Netbooks are, for the time being, the least expensive way to jump into the mobile technology market, unless you want to work on your cell phone that is.

If you like the format, and you're light on the technology budget, it may be worth looking at, but if you are worried about future support or being able to upgrade later on then you may want to pass up on this format and get either a table or an ultrabook instead.

Why? Well, according to a research forecast put out by IHS iSuppli the netbook is a dying breed. They are expecting that the machines will be gone from the market by 2015. This conclusion is based on the current trend in netbook units shipping. In the current year netbook shipments are expected to go down by about 3.97 million units, or 72 percent when compared to last year. The company then expects that next year only 264,000 new netbooks will ship, and then it will taper off to no new netbooks shipping in 2015.

Of course we will have to wait and see what happens, but for those of you who are interested the company is pointing the finger at the tablet form factor for taking down the netbook. In the current market it is just not portable enough, or powerful enough to be worth its cost to the average consumer.

Source: ZD Net
Image: Morgue File