Are VTech’s Switch & Go Dinos The Boy Toy Of 2013?

From what I’ve seen, it seems that VTech scored a homerun with their large lineup of colorful, educational and entertaining dinosaur/vehicle hybrids. Any toy that dares to teach kids about the long-clawed Therizinosaurus is a winner in my book!
Torr the TherizinosaurusTorr the Therizinosaurus
Well known for making stellar handheld computer-like toys VTech, really stepped out of their comfort zone to build a series of “My First Transformers,” while bonding the cool concept to their brand of high-tech fun. As “that kid who knew everything about everything about dinosaurs,” I’d have absolutely loved any of the Switch & Go Dinos. The dinosaur nerd inside me would’ve completely ignored the cool car, truck or rescue helicopter inside my robotic reptile, while learning all about the spinosaurus, ankylosaurus or pteranodon species directly from my talking pal.

Attila the AnkylosaurusAttila the AnkylosaurusThere are so many impressive features about the Switch & Go Dinos, such as the large vocabularies of phrases from each creature/car hybrid, how they transform from dinosaur to vehicle with three or four simple parts to rotate and that the toy will start talking right out of the box because it comes with batteries! (Making them an instant hit on Christmas morning!) The bigger the Dino, the more that more that it’ll be able to do, with Jagger the T-Rex/construction crane hybrid as the premier creature. While Jagger transforms, talks, and swaps digital cartoon eyes like the rest, his Kinect-like ability to respond to voice commands and ability to walk around on his own set the green behemoth apart from his futuristic friends.

Jagger the T-RexJagger the T-RexYou’ll want to check out Amazon to find your favorite of the Switch & Go Dinos from the herd, but with so many styles, price ranges and colors available, it shouldn’t be too tough to pick out the Dino that’s right for you!
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