Are Yakuza Action Figures Pokemon For Adults?

Gotta catch 'em all... before they catch up to you! These new Yakuza action figures bring the gritty intensity, tattooed imagery and distinctive fashion sense of Japan's criminal underworld to every collector's display shelf.

Judging from the dozen or so different action figures crowding a display shelf at Tokyu Hands' Ikebukuro store, you're gonna need plenty of space and a fistful of yen to make it happen. The first problem is simple to solve: pack away the mass of Pokemon figurines saved one by one in your reckless youth and clear the way for the Yakuza!

The Yakuza action figures above were spied by intrepid Tokyo weirdness explorer Jonelle Patrick, and the variety of figures available is truly Pokemon-esque.

One of the figures (over on the left-hand side) appears to be wearing a miniature version of Archie McPhee's meme-tastic horse mask. We don't know why, nor are we willing to find out. It's a Yakuza thing and the less questions asked, the better... for the asker, at least.

Those who actually PLAY with their action figures and (gasp!) remove them from the original packaging will find suitable foils for their miniaturized plastic gangsters.

Take DiveToys' brand new Reiji Kikukawa undercover agent figurine (right), from the popular manga series The Mole Song (“Mogura no Uta”) which is set to make its film premier in early February. Consider it your average cops & robbers tale with a Japanese accent, now with cool action figures.