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Are You Being Manipulated By Subliminal Ads?

Subliminal Ad #4: Massad

Okay, this isn't so much of a subliminal ad...  But the outcome produces a something of a subliminal ad.

If the money were right I'd let someone smack his or her logo into my butt cheek.  I'm that broke right now...

Now we're getting into some risqué stuff...

Subliminal Ad #5: D.J. Flooring

From what I can gather, this ad was placed in a phone book.  It was pulled after several people noticed something unusual about the design:

Well... that's just plain naughty.

Subliminal Ad #6: George Bush 2000 Election Campaign

See if you can spot the subliminal element in this ad.

The answer is below.*

Subliminal Ad #7: Prevention of Alcohol Addiction Campaign

I had a few of you "bold" readers named "Anonymous" criticize me for my article Can You Spot the Weenie?  10 Subtle Ads Crave Your Attention.  This one's for you.

Hint: It's to the right of the "fish hook," nestled against the side of the glass.

Have you had any subliminal ad experiences?  Feel free to share them below!

SOURCES: Ads of the World, Wikipedia, Artist Mike

*Note the use of the word "RATS" as it merges with "DEMOCRATS" towards the end of the commercial.  It lingers a fraction of a second longer than any of the other words...

John Barker
Clever Ads, Promotions and Marketing

Aug 17, 2009
by Anonymous

The Medium is STILL the message

Once again, Marshall McLewan would be proud! This kind of advertising is not supposed to be legal, but I guess nobody complains.

Aug 18, 2009
by Anonymous

I honestly dont notice any

I honestly dont notice any of it, half the time I dont even know or care what theyre trying to sell me...

Sep 15, 2009
by Anonymous

Pirates of the carribean

i found one in a surse of the black pearl postertaht says sex