Are You Hungry Enough To Eat A Horse? Measure Accordingly!

Calling all pasta-holics! As you know it can be tough making sure that you make just the right amount of pasta to go with your favorite sauce. Every kitchen can also use a bit of whimsy and this cute tool for I Could Eat A Horse Pasta MeasureI Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measuremeasuring out your spaghetti, angel hair, or linguini will really get that done.

With this fun "I Could Eat A Horse" gadget you aren't just staring at a role of holes and guessing either. Each hole is designed to be somewhat self-explanatory. They run from small to medium to large -- or child, adult, and family.

This item has a double surprise, for not only is it cute and whimsical, it does not come from Italy or even New York. No, it comes from that well-known bastion of Italian cuisine -- Reykjavik, Iceland.  It was created by Icelandic designer Stefán Pétur Sólveigarson.

I Could Eat A Horse comes in a choice of green plastic, white plastic, or steel. It's a great gift for both pasta lovers and horse lovers. It is also a great accent for any country-themed kitchen.

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I Could Eat A Horse Pasta MeasureI Could Eat A Horse Pasta Measure