Are You A Party Animal? We Have 13 Animal Halloween Costumes For You!


I write about animals all the time, but this week I decided to write about party animals.  Yes, humans like you and me, going to a party, maybe a Halloween party, and acting like animals. Well here are some great animal costumes that will make our acts complete! 

My quest was for costumes that will hide your true identity - that's what makes costume parties so much fun - so all of these animal costumes include masks.  For those of us who are budget conscious, I've included some neat stand-alone animal face masks, so you can design the body wear yourselves.  That's also great fun!


1.  Happy (Must Be Free-Range) Chicken Party Animal  Costume



Chicken CostumeChicken Costume


2.  Swooping Down So No One Will Notice Me Purple Owl

Party Animal Costume



Purple Owl CostumePurple Owl Costume



3.  I'm A Duck Head Party Animal Mask



Duck MaskDuck Mask


4.  Love Me Now (I'm Becoming Extinct) Frog Party Animal Mask



 Frog MaskFrog Mask



5.  What Are All These Strange Creatures Doing Here? Puppy Dog Party Animal Costume



Puppy Dog CostumePuppy Dog Costume


6.   Respect Your Elders T Rex Party Animal Mask



T-Rex MaskT-Rex Mask



7. Don't Mess With Me Black Bear Party Animal Costume



Black Bear CostumeBlack Bear Costume


8.  Not A Bear, But I Come Bearing Gifts Bunny Party Animal Costume



Bunny CostumeBunny Costume



9.  I Remember You From Last Year Elephant Party Animal Mask


Elephant maskElephant mask



10. Move Aside Hip Hop Hamster Party Animal Costume



Hip Hop Hamster CostumeHip Hop Hamster Costume


11.  Who's Lyin'? I'm The Lion Party Animal Costume



Lion CostumeLion Costume


12. You Think You're Seeing A Purple Gorilla Party Animal Costume?



Purple Gorilla CostumePurple Gorilla Costume


13.  Don't Tell Me You Saw My Stripes On A Car Seat Cover! Zebra Party Animal Mask



Zebra maskZebra mask


Have fun this Halloween whatever you wear. And be safe

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