Area 51 Report Declassified

U-2 spy planeU-2 spy plane

Few places in the USA have been as mysterious and filled with tales as Area 51 in the Nevada desert. The fact that the US Air Force uses the area as a testing ground has been well known for quite a while now, but the base itself remained secret. In fact, the government wasn't even allowed to admit to its existence. Now however, this has changed, and it brought some explanations as to what happened on the site, and what the link is to UFO reports.

In 1998, the first report about Area 51 was declassified, but it wasn't until last month that most of the details were released in a publication from the George Washington University in DC. The National Security Archive declassified some of the remaining pieces of history about the site and the U-2 spy plane. Back in 1955, the Air Force acquired the site so that they, along with Lockheed, could build and test the new plane. It was a very top secret project, with everything about the plane being classified. The reason for selecting this site was simply its proximity to a previous test site for atomic weapons.

As for UFOs, back then normal commercial planes only went up to 30,000 feet or so, and no one believed it was possible to go much higher than that. So when the U-2 flew at over double that height, it wasn't long before reports of UFOs started to pour in. Every time a U-2 plane was tested, more UFO reports came in. Of course, the government could never respond to any of them because of how secretive their new spy plane was. These days, all of this is now part of history, and we can rest assured that many more military projects are going on right now in complete secrecy, which our children may learn about in the future.

Aug 18, 2013
by Anonymous

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