Rule the Stars by Drawing Pictures with Them

For thousands of years, man has traced the stars in the heavens to make shapes out of them.  Even our modern-day calendar is full of references to the ancient zodiac.  Remember when you were a kid, and you laid on your front lawn just making up shapes out of constellations that probably didn't even exist?  Well, even if you don't, you'll still get a kick out of Arcelik's Rule the Stars.

The site is perfect for killing a few hours at the desk.  When you arrive, you'll be greeted by a beautiful panoramic shot of a river and a skyline in twilight.  Chirping crickets accompany the sites existential mantra, "What if you could rule all the stars in the sky?  Rearrange them in any shape you like?", and when you click to continue, a space soundtrack kicks in as you load the celestial image editor.

The site's editor allows you to bend lines with set midpointsThe site's editor allows you to bend lines with set midpoints

To make an image in Rule the Stars, simply click and drag to make shapes.  You can make straight lines that resemble shooting stars, and take the trails and bend them to your liking.  A few examples can be found by clicking "samples" on the left side of the editor.  After twirling around in a few lovey-dovey presets, you'll start getting some ideas for images that you can send to friends and family using the site's built-in email forwarder.

After creating an image, you can rotate and send it outAfter creating an image, you can rotate and send it out

With an awesome graphical interface, and instructions that even a pre-evolved ape could follow, Rule the Stars is an easy time killer.  As an editor, though, Rule the Stars leaves a lot to be desired.  Just having "undo" makes creating the perfect starry image a little tough.  If the site had features that were closer to even Microsoft Paint, it'd be 10 times as much fun.  Still, there's a serene and unique quality to Rule the Stars that is hard to resist, and surely many people will have fun creating their own celestial logos and viewing ones from their friends.

UPDATE: is no longer active or available.