Arena.XLsm Receives a Huge Content Update

Recently, I profiled a game known as Arena.XLsm. It was a pretty standard-dungeon crawl RPG (with the notable exception of the slightly anachronistic setting, which I still find somewhat fascinating) save for one tiny detail: it was programmed and designed entirely within Microsoft Excel, and is also playable from within the application. Today, I come to you all with some rather excellent news: Cary Walkin (the accountant who created the game) just updated the title to version 1.3.

In addition to a laundry list of bug and balance fixes, the update brings with it a whole host of new features, including the ability to customize hot-keys and play with your keyboard. Walkin has also added hard mode (which can be unlocked after completing one playthrough on normal), as well as stat tracking and a title screen with a logo that changes based on game progress.

Walkin has also added a number of new elements to gameplay.

There are three new types of terrain(moveable walls, pressure switches, and switch walls), three new arenas (the Box, the Obstacle Course and the Great Barrier) and 61 new achievements. Most interesting, however, is the addition of a "Boss Key." Pressing the F key while playing will immediately bring you to a customizable spreadsheet that'll let you pretend you're still working (even while you play).Walkin's quick to caution that if you feel the need to use that key, you probably shouldn't be playing the game in the first place. 

Read the full patch notes here, or download the game here.