From Argon Clothes To Skeleton Sleeping Pads, Klymit Delivers More Innovation

We covered Klymit clothing about two years ago, back when the small company was ironing out its idea to build argon-injected clothing for outdoor sports. The argon gas provides the insulating properties usually left for down, wool or synthetics while cutting the weight and size of the garments. The gas also makes insulation adjustable without having to remove/add garments.

Needless to say, there's been some buzz around the clothing, and everyone's been waiting to see if the idea would fizzle or if Klymit would introduce more innovation to market.

Well, the answer is definitively the latter. Last week, Klymit launched its Inertia X-Frame camping pad, a pad its calling the "lightest, most packable in the industry." Klymit was able to lighten the pad by doing something simple that no one else was doing: cutting out the unnecessary portions. The company used body mapping to identify the pressure points involved when someone lies on a mat. The funky-looking design of the pad is based on these pressure points, and the X-Frame supports major spots like the head, legs, shoulders and hips, while cutting material on parts where there is less pressure from the body. 

As a result of its ingenuitive design, Klymit makes a pad that weighs just 9.1 oz. and packs down smaller than a can of soda while offering 72 inches of pad space. If you've ever spent time with any other sleeping pads, you know how significant a drop that is. Even the Therm-a-Rest NeoAir, which is another ultralight pad is 5 oz. heavier and significantly larger. It's also more expensive. The Inertia X-Frame will cost less than $100 when it hits the market in the fall, a very competitive price given its slim specs. 

Another interesting advantage of the Inertia X-Frame is that it's able to capitalize on Klymit's NobleTek argon insulation technology. You can fill the mat with regular air or use argon from its pump to add insulation. Klymit won't commit to labeling the Inertia X-Frame a four-season pad, but the argon should help to keep you a little warmer on those crisp, September nights. 

EDITOR'S UPDATE: The Inertia X-Frame Camping Mattress in now available in stores. It's also available on Amazon, where it gets some nice reviews.

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