ARK: Clothing Company Inspires Acts Of Random Kindness

We've seen clothing companies like Rosa Loves which spreads awareness about charity causes with their t-shirts. And now there's ARK, which stands for Acts of Random Kindness; a fashion line which does exactly what the name says. Its t-shirts for men and women aren't inspirational themselves, but through their purchase the funding is made available to support random acts of kindness.

Unlike companies like Rosa Loves which offers unique and fashionable t-shirt designs that also support charitable causes, the fashions sold by ARK really aren't anything spectacular. The t-shirts are cotton polo-style, short sleeved shirts with collars. Both the men's and women's come in a mint green, off-white and light grey; staples of the wardrobe but definitely not major fashion statements. However, for $42 USD (the equivalent currency for the Ireland based company) you can support acts of random kindness.

Acts of Random Kindness is about simplicity; you buy their fashion, they keep no profits and instead sponsor large scale acts of random kindness suggested by their clients and volunteers. Acts of Random Kindness also hopes to inspire wearers to make small gestures of kindness, like donating spare change to a homeless person, stopping in at an animal rescue center, or buying a friend a cup of coffee.

Do you think Acts of Random Kindness is fashion forward for the industry or a fashion bore?