The Armills Bracelet For Men: For Elitist Tastes and Deep Pockets

 Armills represents a limited edition in men's jewelry, which only few can afford. The bracelet is a one-of-a-kind diamond-crusted amalgam of contemporary style, ancient symbolism and modern day wearable technology. From the Latin meaning a type of bracelet symbolic of royalty and boldness in battle, down through history armills have been used in many coronations, representing the bond between a sovereign and loyal subjects.


Armills Bracelet: Source: DamnGeeky.comArmills Bracelet: Source:


The Armills bracelet and  design

The design of this incredible piece of jewelry is encrusted with over 1,500 hand-picked, micorpave diamonds, which refers to a setting technique in which small diamonds are set in multiple rows over the entire surface of a piece of jewelry. These gems are hand-picked under a microscope and the bracelet is made from a solid 18k gold frame under a complex ceramic shield, which is the key element in the bracelet's design. Carbon fiber material such as that used in Formula 1 components, comprise the remaining body of this bracelet and render it strong yet lightweight.


Armillls Bracelet-Close-Up: Source: DamnGeeky.comArmillls Bracelet-Close-Up: Source:


This bracelet has its own kinetic energy generation system and the wearer will only need to recharge about once annually. Other incredible cutting-edge functions include but are not limited to: one-touch valet, automated venue access and technology to secure transactions. According to Aleksander Bernhard, founder of Christoph & Company : " I founded the company to create a universal symbol of victory for those extraordinary individuals who not only achieve greatness in their own right, but inspire it in others."

Christophe & Company will feature the Armills bracelet in three high-end and super costly models: the Virtus, Orion and Apollo. They sell respectively for $75,000, $93,000 and $149,000. In the words of Paolo Pininfarina: "The Pininfarina dedication to excellence in design and craftsmanship is reflected in the Christophe & Company Armills...Collaborating in the creation of such a timeless objet d'art and technological marvel is a continuation of an 85-year legacy of innovation."


Armills Bracelet- Interior: Source: Design-Boom.comArmills Bracelet- Interior: Source:


The future of the Armills bracelet

This ultra expensive combination of diamonds and precious metals coupled with advanced engineering and hardware may well mark the beginnings of an elitist but nevertheless durable trend in the creation of fine jewelry. Although its prohibitive costs may well be suitable for a king's hefty purse, with the direction in which today's economy is headed, it might be more politically correct to say that the Armills men's bracelet is fit for anyone who can afford to buy a king.

Closing thoughts about men's jewelry:

I think men who have a pierced ear are better prepared for marriage. They've experienced pain and bought jewelry. ~ Rita Rudner

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