Armpit Shirt - Innovative Fashion or ?















Sometimes I happen to stumble upon some really innovative but "eeewwww" ideas. I guess the Armpit shirt takes the cake in this category.

The description on the creator, Matt Fargo 's website says that the shirt ‘represents the thickest, pastiest, crustiest armpit stains that the working classes of New York have to offer.'


Now what this innovative man did was make a polo shirt entirely of patches of armpit stains collected by the Manhattan Salvation Army. The actual armpit area of the shirt has been augmented with patches from a brand new Hanes T-shirt, so that the wearer can add their own armpit stain.


He then cajoled a few people to wear and flaunt the shirt. And has managed to create innovative fashion, in his own way.

My only question is, will anybody actually spend any money buying this shirt?

One never knows.

Thanks to the makeworldbetter for the tip. 

Jun 7, 2008
by Anonymous


Add innovation to the LONG list of things that aren't always good.