Aroc Racing Sledge Is The Motorcycle Of The Slopes

In The Snow With ArocIn The Snow With Aroc

Most people would agree that snow and snow-day activities are the best part of winter (well, maybe not blizzard-snow). Sledding is one of those fun, thrilling activities. To make sledding more thrilling, Aroc Snowsports designed the Aroc Racing Sledge--the motorcycle of the slopes.

The Aroc team sought to improve the design of the traditional sled, making it more maneuverable and user friendly--a sled that could tear up the slopes and at the same time, could be enjoyed by novice fun-seekers. The Aroc Racing Sledge is the product of this aim. 

Aroc Racing SledgeAroc Racing Sledge

This racing sledge employs runners that tilt with the shifting of body weight, much like skiing or riding a motorcycle. This means that you can really carve up the snowy hillsides much easier than when using other sleds. Just lean into the turns and see how easy the Aroc maneuvers.

The Aroc Racing Sledge also utilizes foot rests that makes the Aroc Sledge a comfortable, convenient ride, because you can always keep your feet in place. It also features hand brakes on either side, which allow you to have better control over the speed of the sledge. 

Riding Aroc DownhillRiding Aroc Downhill

You'll also find that the Aroc Sledge was designed to absorb shock from the bumps and dips on a hillside. The design features a few hinges that will give a bit when the path gets rough, much like a vehicle with shock absorbers. 

Designed by Fabian Kessler, Jeremias Perren and Yves Aeschbacher, the Aroc Racing Sledge doesn't come with a lot of bells and whistles. It's a simple design that's both speedy and maneuverable. Because of its simple and effective design, the Aroc Sledge won the Silver A' Design Award in the category of Sports, Entertainment and Recreation Equipment Design.

Check out the video below to see the Aroc in action. 

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