Arrayent Makes The 'Internet of Things' A Reality

The Internet as the ecosystem of our lives is expanding beyond the confines of desktops and mobile devices to connect with actual things that take up space in our world. Back in February, 2009, I predicted that by 2020 appliances, vehicles, buildings and smart homes will be able to start talking with one another. Well that Internet of Things' timetable might have just been moved up a decade as a result of what one company is doing with this new technology.

Arrayent is a new Internet of Things firm being billed as the "Cisco of small things." It is basically middleware for companies wanting to connect their products to the Internet. Considered the industry's first turnkey Internet connect system, it enables electronic product brand owners to connect their products wirelessly to web applications hosted in the Internet cloud at unprecedented low cost and reliability.

For example Arrayent can now connect your smartphone to your thermostat to turn on and off the HVAC.

The diagram below shows the interfaces in the Arrayent Internet-Connect product solution. The architecture is designed to be easily integrated into, and communicate with, your electronic products through a standard serial connection.

At this year's CES event in Las Vegas according to Arrayent Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bob Dahlberg, "there were two segments in particular that were interested in Arrayent's system," namely the "greener home," and the "health monitoring" arena.

The "greener home" is looking for ways to connect customers' home LAN systems to remote diagnosis and repair suppliers, while in the home health monitoring space, they are looking to connect products to web based applications such as Google Health, Microsoft HealthVault and other health provider's systems.

Arrayent Health Care ConnectArrayent Health Care Connect

Other product areas that Arrayent is exploring where there appears to be potential market opportunity is the following:
  • Energy and water monitoring and control from a smartphone or web browser.
  • Home control (door locks, home security, window shades, smoke alarms, pipe freeze alarm, flood alarms, power strips, thermostats, appliances.)
  • Toys and entertainment devices such as e-book readers, personalized radio, and connected physical toys.
  • Home health and presence monitoring that connect patients to doctors and family members.
  • Automobile location services, remote control access, and engine monitoring.
According to a ReadWriteWeb report, "given the potential of Internet of Things to revolutionize consumer products - (there is) a great many more products (that) will become Internet-connected in the coming years."

Arrayent is sitting at the convergence of three irrefutable trends: the rapid acceleration or smartphone sales, the main-stream adoption of cloud computing based applications, and the recognition that consumers prefer Internet connected products over their unconnected counter parts,' notes Arrayent's CEO, Shane Dyer.

So get ready to connect with your world...literally.  Who knows, maybe by 2020, the Internet of Things will include you.