Artificial Intelligence Could Replace Humans In As Little As Five Years

We've made some pretty huge advancements in the fields of robotics and artifical intelligence in the past few years. The technology, as it often does, is increasing by leaps and bounds, going from relatively simple rigs like ASIMO to the fully-functional musculoskeletal system of Ecci. With advances in big data and situational computing, robot teachers have started to invade the classroom. 

All things considered, they're advancing at a startling rate. According to one robotics/AI expert, we may even be moving towards a time when robots start to replace humans in the workplace. Such a day could be as little as five years away. 

"I've been working on building computers that think like human beings since I was ten years old," explains Robotics and AI specialist Dmitry Aksenov. "It's my passion." Aksenov, who is 21 years old, is the founder of the technology company London Brand Management, which provides an AI service for brands looking to outsource customer or staff interactions to computers. Questions are submitted to the organization's servers, at which point the system - nicknamed "The Brain" by its developers - responds in a matter of seconds. 

It's a fitting name. 

"The only thing that gives away the fact that they are talking to a computer," noted Aksenov, "is that it responds so fast. No real person could receive, read, and respond to a message in three seconds." 

"It not only reads the keywords and understands the kind of information you are trying to learn; it also interprets context, sentiment, and even understands humor. It also remembers and learns as you talk to it, so it's capable of having a proper conversation," he added, adding that the cloud-based system represents a huge step forward in service automation.

"The Brain is the equivalent of thousands of call centre staff or salespeople. Except that, unlike people, with our limited brain capacity, AI remembers anything and needs no downtime," explained Aksenov. Currently, his organization is focused on replacing sales and marketing roles, but is eyeing a move into the call center. He has further noted that there are applications for this kind of technology in "hundreds of industries." 

Aksenov provides The Brain to brands under a license which includes a one-time implementation fee to teach the system what it needs to know about the brand. Given that the AI only has to learn once, Aksenov feels this is a fair price to pay.

"Within five years, we will have a system that truly knows more than a human could ever know and is more efficient at delivering information," concluded Aksenov. "It will replace many of the boring jobs that are currently done by humans. Unfortunately, this may take some jobs from the economy by replacing human beings with a machine. But that is the future." 

How long do you suppose it'll be before machines can do my job, too? 

via Telegraph