Artistic Novelty Tees For The Peeping Tom

You'll have to either have a good sense of humor to appreciate these t-shirts, or be a complete creeper who likes to spy on people with your face pressed up against their window or a telescope.

Peeping Tom ShirtPeeping Tom Shirt

These t-shirts might be artistic, but they certainly come with a crude sense of humor. It's not just a coincidence that these designs are sexual in a rather frightening way; the design partners Pleasure Principle and Olaf Breuning even named them to imply the inappropriate. "Two Hands with Faces" might sound innocent enough but "Peeping Pervert" not so much.

Crude Novelty T-ShirtCrude Novelty T-Shirt

There is such a thing as going too far, even in fashion; is this where the line is drawn? Or do these tees have just the right amount of crude humor.

Via: Coolhunting