Artsy Tyvek Paper Tattoos To Become The Latest Fashion Craze?

Sometimes fashion doesn't need to be a new concept to be a hit. We all know that fashions make a comeback after decades, proving that fashion ideas can be recycled as trends. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple reinvention and a whole new trend is born.

Tyvek Temporary TattoosTyvek Temporary Tattoos

Temporary tattoos tend to be hot with the under 8 crowd, but in attempt to get them to catch on outside of TV and movies with a greater audience of grown people; Eildith Marshall has created a line that's being marketed as jewelry that's made out of a different sort of material.

The material in question is Tyvek, yes, the same medium used in building materials and more recently, clothing. The artistic designs can be applied anywhere on the body just like temporary tattoos, but they don't wear off like their predecessor and can be applied time and time again. Most of the designs in the line are natural and whimsical with birds, butterflies but there are a few tougher selections like chains.

Is this a trend likely to catch on?

Via: Design Spotter

Jun 5, 2012
by Anonymous

Temporary Tattoos

You should have posted a few pics here of this ink. I just want to take a look how it looks on skin.