Artz Koffer From Haba – If You’re Thinking “Geshundtiet” You’re Not Far Off

Kids love to play doctor, and European toy maker Haba has created an easier-than-ever way for little ones to make house calls: the Artz Koffer.


A mostly-accurate translation here is “doctor’s kit”, and the Artz Koffer lives up to that moniker. The kit comes in a small metal tin the size of a lunchbox, complete with a picture of a studious doctor attending to an injured Teddy Bear.


Inside the kit are a variety of essential doctor’s supplies including a pencil, tongue depressor, thermometer, wooden syringe, bandage, ointment and prescription issuing pad. All of the materials contained in the kit are of high quality and many of them are wooden rather than plastic, something prospective patients will be glad of be they stuffed or real.


Some versions of the Artz Koffer will not come with the large bandage clip or green tablet “pills” as they have been deemed a safety hazard, but overall the kit combines both well-made fun with an ability to learn that can be sadly lacking in some Western toys.


In may respects there is nothing new here – the Artz Koffer could probably be cobbled together from standard first aid kits – but having it well packaged in a stylish metal tin gives it an authority than many other first aid kits lack.


Sure, your kids might not grow up to be doctors, but it never hurts to get them on the path to understanding just how real injuries can be treated and how bedside manner is important no matter what your job, though even critically injured bears tend to be stoically heroic even if their doctor makes serious errors in judgment.


The Haba Artz Koffer can be found at Amazon for less than $30.


Source: Haba

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