ASCII Code Curtain Branches Into Home Decor

The mere idea of ASCII code immediately makes my brain hurt. As much as I may try to play like I've got some geek suave going on, I know that inside, my synapses are misfiring and things are well on their way to short circuiting in the left hemisphere of my cranial cavity. However, when presented in the artistically appealing form of a gorgeously intricate tree, I can suddenly recalibrate my internal processes and begin to accept this strange language that is so very alien to my right-brained self. I may never become fluent, but the larger picture is definitely speaking loud and clear.

get your geek onget your geek on

Inspired by the incredible volume of information transmitted via this modern coding system, Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy has captured the cryptic flow of ASCII language in the good and wholesome form of a tree, with branches seeking new directions and buds sprouting like fresh ideas into the future. This 11 x 18 foot cotton curtain might not replace a real live tree outside your window, but it's sure to appeal to both your inner nature lover as well as inner geek, and could be yours if it ever goes into production.

Found via apartment therapy