AshPoopie: It Locks, Loads, & Annihilates Dog Poop

AshPoopie solves pickup, disposal, & sanitizing issues related to 'dog poop': image via quirky.comAshPoopie solves pickup, disposal, & sanitizing issues related to 'dog poop': image via There's an ingenious, green, and technologically advanced pooper scooper coming to market in 2012.  You just lock and load this gadget, called the AshPoopie, press a button, and your dog's poop turns into ash!  Green, sterile ash.

The AshPoopie is being developed by an Israeli company, Paulee Clean Tech, which cares as much about a dog owner's convenience as it does about the environment.

The simple looking handle is deceptive; as with other electronic gadgets, there are a variety of movable parts inside that enable its functions, which Paulee Clean Tech is kind enough to share....



Inner workings of the AshPoopie: image via ashpoopie.comInner workings of the AshPoopie: image via


  • 1) 12 V Rechargeable battery
  • 2) Carrying handle
  • 3) Charging output
  • 4) Charging input
  • 5) On-off button
  • 6) Telescope opening button
  • 7) Gripper
  • 8) Telescope rod
  • 9) Lower part - 9a.Cartridge base
  • 10) External cover
  • 11) 12V led Lighting
  • 12) Pull out capsules cartridges
  • 13) Capsule A
  • 14) Capsule B
  • 15) 12V CD geared Motor
  • 16) Upper cover with capsule intakes
  • 17) Hardened silicon blade
  • 18) Copper cleaning brushes
  • 19) Lower metallic blender
  • 20) External shovels
  • 21) Internal shovels

    While the electronic device looks complicated, it's extremely easy to use.  Press one button to extend the gripper and a second button to spin the poop and dissolve it into ash.


    Paulee Clean Tech left just a hint on the AshPoopie website that it's planning even more high tech pollution removers, like a green technology to deal with kitty litter, perhaps.  Its aspirations are high, as the company strives "to be the Nike of the pet sector, providing the highest quality products."

    I'm looking forward to this first one. Visit for more information.


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