Asian Frauds Are About to Be Foiled

With available Internet access at every turn, it is difficult for us to remember that our fortunate society is not the norm. In many still developing nations, such as the Philippines, a paper system is still prevalent in many important institutions. And with a paper monitoring system comes paper-related problems, namely forgery.

Forging official documents has been a struggle for those in the Philippines and other Asia Pacific regions for quite sometime. However, an Asian sister country has finally found a solution to the struggle.

HP Labs in Bangalore, India have developed an anti-fraud paper technology that will stop forgeries before they can even begin. The concept is a way to embed important data onto any type of paper using a special two-dimensional barcode.

Any commercial or personal scanner linked to a PC can read the code, and it is run by special software also created by India’s HP geniuses.

Soon offices like this one in Manila will be safer from fraud: source: Tao TechnologySoon offices like this one in Manila will be safer from fraud: source: Tao Technology

The barcode will cause the computer to read and open up a website related to the code embedded in the paper. This will bring validity to documents as well as give readers more information as to where the document is coming from. The new technology has been presented in a few different demonstrative environments, and India is hoping to help out Asian Pacific nations with a commercially available version shortly. It will be able to be used for both government documentation as well as personal papers given to citizens for various purposes.

The 2D technology will also help eliminate time-consuming retypes, as reproductions are easy to achieve. The more developing nations of our world are now well on their way to catching up to those tecnhological super powers who eliminated a large portion of fradulant risk from their countries years ago.


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Oct 23, 2007
by Casual Adventurer (not verified)

IT's only a matter of time....

So how can I tell the real HP anti-fraud paper from the counterfeit HP anti-fraud paper that I'm sure I will be able to buy in China or India one day soon?

Feb 1, 2008
by Philippino badass mofo (not verified)

exactly what the other person said, this will stop nothing

only bringing these countries some much need income, stolen from them by their "leaders" will remedy the situation! "Free Philippines." ooh and THE INQUIRER is such a reliable information source- elvis lives right!