Asimo Isn’t Tour Guide Material Yet


The odds are good that at one point, or another, you have heard about Asimo. The short, white android made some serious headlines a few years back with its space like appearance and slow human-like gate.

Like most of us who get older, Asimo needed to find a job. After all, he couldn’t just sit around in Honda’s research labs all day doing nothing. The company decided to see if he was good with people. His first job is as a tour guide in a Tokyo museum.

It looks like thus far, he has a lot to learn. According to recent reports Asimo had a little bit of trouble with telling human gestures apart. Simple differences, like raising your hand to ask a question versus snapping a picture with a smart phone camera confused the robot. The lack of speech recognition software also adds to the confusion.

But who knows, maybe he’ll get it together in time for his next performance review.


Image: Morgue File