Assemble A Dinosaur With D-Torso Cardboard Model Sets!

Ever since they created a precise and puzzle-like cardboard mannequin in 1998, Japanese model making studio d-torso has continued to impress art and design fans around the world with their ever-expanding series of intricate cardboard replicas.

Naturally, my favorite d-torso models are their colorful and accurate dinosaurs. The Raptor, Trex and Brachiosaurus are all fantastic pieces of art, but the yellow Triceratops easily wins the top prize in my book. These large laser cut construction sets easily pop out from their cardboard sheets and fit together without the need for glue or cutting tools, which absolutely makes for an entertaining toy to build. The coolest thing about d-torso models is how large and finely crafted they are! I’d be proud to showcase one of these papery prehistoric pals as modern art in my living room any day.


If you’re not into dinosaurs as much as I am, d-torso has you covered with a huge variety of sets, including a cardboard kitty in a classic “I’m sitting and watching something with great interest” pose, a hefty resting tortoise, a rainbow of warthogs as well as favorite Disney characters, like Goofy, Pluto, Stitch and Mickey Mouse himself. Not one to completely separate function from their elaborate forms, d-torso has also crafted utilitarian models like their elephant and reindeer clothing hangers, as well as the expansion of their classic small and full-sized human-shaped mannequins to display your best clothes when you aren’t.


Naturally, you’ll be able to have all of the beautiful models noted here and more directly from d-torso’s homepage. Innovative, sturdy, easy-to assemble and beautiful construction toys are always a welcome sight, and I can’t wait to see what’s next from the eco-friendly, laser-powered model-making veterans at d-torso.


Source: d-torso

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