The Asus Eee Pad Transformer

For those of you who don't know, Asus has had a pretty nifty looking tablet PC in the works for a while now. I'm sure that's rather old news for most of you, however- it was given an official launch on March 25. So why am I revisiting it now?

Well, for one, Asus has announced an official release date.

The Look

Okay, I've referred to this as a tablet, but it's actually a little more than that. The design looks a little unusual, no?  That's where the 'transformer' bit comes in. See, this nifty little gadget features a secondary keyboard which you can plug the tablet into. The keyboard does more than just act as a means of input, as well- more on that momentarily.

The tablet itself really looks like any other tablet PC you'd find on the market. Granted, the picture looks to be clear and crisp, the screen fairly decent quality, but that's really only the sort of thing we notice the absence of.  Truth be told, I'm not really seeing anything all that unique about its appearance. I'm not saying it looks bad, far from it, this is a very nice looking device. It's just that there's nothing about how it looks that definitively sets it apart from all the other tablets out there, aside from the keyboard. 

As far as size is concerned, the oddly named Eee Pad Transformer features a 10.1 inch screen and measures at around 10.7x6.7x0.5 inches and weighs around 1.5 lbs. (Asus) Anyway, enough about  looks. Let's take a look at what this tablet/quasi-netbook is going to be able to do. 

The Specs

Asus's new tablet is actually pretty awesome in terms of processing power. In this regard, it actually beats out the Ipad 2- something which will work in its favor when it comes to surviving in the Apple-dominated tablet market. The device features the following technical specifications(Specs from Asus/Lilputing/Tech in style) : 

  • 1 Gigabyte of RAM
  • 16 GB or 32 GB Storage Space, with unlimited Asus Webstorage 
  • 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 Dual Core Processor 
  • Runs Google Android 3.0 Honeycomb
  • 1.2 MP Front and 5.0 MP Rear Camera
  • 9.5 Hours Battery Life, 16 Hours with keyboard
  • 1200x800 Screen Resolution
  • Expandable Memory
  • 3D Graphics Support

So, one of the most interesting things about this tablet is that the keyboard acts as a secondary battery, giving the Eee Pad Transformer a battery life that pretty much blows every other tablet currently on the market right out of the water.

The Release

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for- you want to know where you can get one, and how much it'll cost, correct? As far as cost is concerned, you'll be happy to know that the Eee Pad is competitively priced. 

The Asus Eee Pad Transformer will start  at $399 for the 16 GB model, with an additional $149 for the keyboard.'s cheaper than the Ipad 2, and more powerful to boot. Granted, you'll be shelling out a bit more if you want the secondary keyboard, but considering that you'll be almost doubling the battery life, that's a small price to pay.

This lovely piece of tech will be coming to all major retailers, including Future Shop and Best Buy at the end of the month

(Source: Joanna Stern)

Apr 16, 2011
by Anonymous

wrong info

joanna sterm does not represent asus, her chatting with an unnamed asus contact does not mean 'asus has announced an official release date'

Apr 16, 2011
by Anonymous

not quite there!

I love the tablet/netbook idea, but I would rather pay a few hundred more for this if they added a larger screen, faster processor, and it ran windows... something like a super tablet/small laptop, which could run a good amount of windows software... that would be a dream!

Apr 16, 2011
by Anonymous

asus eee slate

You mean the asus eee slate? 12 inch windows 7 i think priced at$ 1000

Apr 16, 2011
by Anonymous

No it doesn't, but

No it doesn't, but considering she used to write for Engadget, I would say that her info is more accurate than most. Plus if you call up and ask Asus US when it will be released they all say sometime in April before the end of the month (number is 18886783688 options 1, 2, and 5 after the Intel 6 message, then ask the representative for the Asus Transformer release date).

Apr 16, 2011
by Anonymous

Asus EP121 look it up You

Asus EP121

look it up

You need to had $600 more. It just costs more to make a decent Windows tablet than an Android one.

Apr 17, 2011
by Anonymous

Windows is not optimized for tablets

Windows 7 is not optimized for tablets and a touch interface. After working with a lot of touch screen devices running windows 7 I don't think its a good mix. Android 3 on the other hand was tailored to the tablet environment. As was mentioned ASUS does make the slate which is just what you're looking for.

Apr 20, 2011
by Anonymous

check out the asus eee slate

check out the asus eee slate then