Asus PadFone Delivers Phone And Tablet

Asus PadFone InfinityAsus PadFone Infinity

With the Mobile World Congress happening in Barcelona this week many new smartphones and gadgets have been introduced, but one that is catching the sight of many is the Asus PadFone Infinity, a phone and tablet combo that is really two devices in one to satisfy a very particular set of needs. While not a new concept, it has always remained a niche product because of the extra cost of this type of gadget. Once again, the PadFone Infinity is not cheap, but it does deliver where it counts, if you have the money to spend.

According to Asus, this device has it all. It is intuitive, providing a display of 10.1" full HD on the tablet side and 5" on the phone side. Both devices are unibody aluminum with a brush finish which gives them that sleek look. There is a 13MP camera for full HD videos and photos, and finally the tablet part boosts a 19h battery life. But of course, the biggest feature is the fact that it is really two devices which can be turned into one. By placing your phone into the tablet, you turn a very portable mobile phone into a much more convenient tablet able to work and provide a large display for movies or photos.

The main reason someone would want such a device is to have a single place where all their data resides. Your phone is your main hub of activity, hosting photos, documents and contacts. You never have to transfer things between a phone and a tablet, because as you get home or to the office, you simply insert that phone into the tablet, and all of the power and data stored in that device become instantly available on the tablet screen. There is no boot time needed either, since the phone powers it all. Of course, all of this comes at a cost. The PadFone will be on the expensive side, around a thousand euros. Still, if you live in the UK, it will be available in April, with other countries following. (Update: You can now order the Asus Padfone here on Amazon.)

Source: Asus

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