ATHOS Biometric Apparel Reads Your Muscles' Effort When Training

Athos Biometric ApparelAthos Biometric Apparel

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could tell how hard your muscles were working while you trained? With the ATHOS Biometric Apparel, you can. This sort of instant feedback is very beneficial in producing results, whether you're strength training, doing cardio or just want to look good in your bathing suit.

ATHOS gear features wrap knit fabric, which provides stability while reducing fatigue and soreness. It's pretty much like wearing compression gear. It also features flat seam construction, which means no weird red chaffing marks, and its fabric is also stretchy and wicks sweat, so you'll stay comfortable while wearing it. 

Of course, the biggest and best feature of the ATHOS line is the sensor technology. ATHOS apparel utilizes proprietary sensors that conform seamlessly to the contours of your body. They are built into the fabric and won't need to be replaced. 

Athos Is Wearable TechnologyAthos Is Wearable Technology

In addition to the sensors embedded into the fabric, the ATHOS gear employs its Core to get biometric measurements. The Core is the "brains" of the system. It is a small device that you slip into the sleeve or leg of your gear. It weighs less than 20g and is about 2.5 inches long, so it won't hinder your performance.

The ATHOS Core uses a 6-axis accelerometer to get measurement. The entire system utilizes electromyography technology to track muscle target zones (building, toning, under training and over training), muscle effort, muscle fatigue, breathing patterns and heart rate. 

Having this information lets you know when you need to put more effort into your training or when you need to back off and recover. It also gives you a good idea of your fitness level, and of course, you can track your progress.

Athos AppAthos App

The ATHOS app syncs the data gathered by the gear's sensors to your smartphone or other device. This app allows you to track your training sessions and keep up with your progress. It gives you the option to select your goal (i.e. get toned or get stronger), and it gives you real-time feedback, which allows you to correct your form right away.

The ATHOS line isn't yet on the market, however you can reserve your own or find more information on the ATHOS site. ATHOS shirts and leggings will run you about $100 and the ATHOS Core is an additional $200. That certainly isn't cheap, but you're going to be getting some cutting edge technology that could be a big difference maker in your training.