Atta Boy! - The 13 Year-Old Who Has Planted Over A Million Trees

Not many 13 year-olds can claim to have an impact in over 130 countries, and fewer still can also claim to have had a positive impact on the environment.

So German lad, Felix Finkbeiner, is evidently not your normal 13 year-old.

Felix has been a busy boy ever since he announced that he wanted to plant a million trees, four years ago. Which you would expect, when you consider that he's been personally responsible for the planting of 250,000 trees a year (or nearly 30 trees an hour, every hour) in Germany alone.

What started as a last-minute school project has become the global Plant-for-the-Planet organization. And Plant-for-the-Planet is one unique organization.

Felix with Harrison FordFelix with Harrison FordFor starters, Felix had his first full-time employee when he was nine.

If that's not precocious enough for you, consider Plant-for-the-Planet Foundation's Children Coordination Council. This group of 23 kids, with an average age of 12, act as Ambassadors for Climate Justice by organizing plantings and giving lectures, and are driven by a very clear vision, in which they "want the majority of humans of our generation to feel like global citizens."

That's it. Nothing too lofty. World domination is so passé, after all.

Oh, but then there's their Three-Point-Program: eliminate all CO2 emitting technology; even out carbon emissions globally so that anyone responsible for more than 1.5 tons of CO2 must pay for the excess; and plant 500 billion trees globally (he's since upped it to a trillion), with the kids being responsible for the first million in each country.

And then of course, there's the 131 countries in which Plant-for-the-Planet already has a presence.

If that's not world domination in a green cloak, what is?

Seriously though, Felix has been so successful because of his ability to inspire others. See for yourself - here he is opening the International Year of Forests, 2011, at the United Nations: