Strange Food: Top 3 Weirdest Burgers Ever?

There are many facts in life. The Earth is round, a force called gravity exists. But what is the most important fact of all? That would of course be the fact that people are constantly attempting to create the latest and weirdest burgers imaginable. So here it is - The Top 3 Weirdest Burgers. From showpiece sneaker-shaped delights, to perplexing dessert burgers, there truly is no end to the strange things which can be packed between 2 pieces of bread.


The Sneaker Burger

At first glance contender #1 certainly seems to be an odds on favorite for the 'weirdest burger' acolade. It does exactly what it says on the tin, i.e. it is a burger in the shape of a Nike sneaker. Although I'm sure you won't encounter many people tucking into a meaty burger sneaker on the street, this contraption has certainly served its purpose, namely as a marketing tool for the Nike brand. Meet...The Nike 'Air-Burger' Shoe. 

A complete contradiction: the sneaker-shaped burgerA complete contradiction: the sneaker-shaped burger


The Turtle Burger


Had we not just discussed a burger which is shaped like a sneaker this next burger could well sound very strange. Yep, for some reason certain folk have taken a liking to contructing burgers in the shape of a turtle, even taking the trouble to use frankfurters with sliced ends to cunningly simulate the legs, arms and head of the turtle. Whilst the ingenuity behind this burger is admirable, it begs 2 questions. How appetizing is a burger shaped like a turtle? And how has someone found the time to dream up something so bizarre?

Pretty strange food: turtle-shaped burgersPretty strange food: turtle-shaped burgers 


Cupcake Burgers


Whilst these little cupcake burgers may not replicate well known sneaker brands or use sausages to make you feel like you are eating a turtle, they do have a certain appeal. As strange food goes, these things are not exactly gobsmacking, but if it is a confusion of the senses you are after, then weird little cupcake burgers will certainly deliver.

Strange little cupcake burgersStrange little cupcake burgers


The Results

Now that some of the burger world's strangest creations have been discussed there remains only one thing to do before concluding our 'weirdest burger' competition, and that, of course, is to announce a winner.

Nobody can dispute the fact that cupcake burgers are cute and cleverly play with the senses. However, they simply cannot compete against our two finalists - The NIke 'Air-Burger' Shoe, and The Turtle Burger. Whilst The Nike 'Air-Burger' Shoe has combined two of the modern day's most recognisable symbols, The Turtle Burger must reign supreme, if for nothing else than its sheer ingenuity and innovative use of the humble frankfurter.

So what do you think? Have you seen an even weirder burger?

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