What To Bring To Your Next Dinner Party: Christ Blood

Where religious tolerance is practiced for believers and non-believers, people tend to be much more relaxed about religious jokes.  France is definitely one place where even the devoutly religious often enjoy poking fun at the Church.  The designers at the French Atypyk Design are no exception, especially since they specialize in 3-dimensional, tangible, wearable, usable... and now drinkable... irony.

Here's Christ Blood, a gift for your favorite French host or hostess, a "heavenly good idea by Atypyk."



A bottle of Christ Blood, 750ml of French Cabernet Sauvignon with a decent 13.5 percent alcohol content.  It also contains sulfites, because back in the time of Christ, they didn't know how to remove them.  

Many bring a good bottle of wine to a dinner with friends, but how many hosts get a bottle of Christ Blood?  Make sure it's someone who will appreciate the irony.  Atypyk