Audi Announces A1 to Be First Ever Premium Market Compact

Audi is no stranger to the premium segment of cars. Much of their line-up has redefined the benchmark for other automakers to meet at one time or another, and their recently redesigned S4 is no different. However, they have also been working to develop the first compact vehicle to be slated in the premium segment, which they now plan on unveiling at the Geneva Motor Show.

In keeping with their traditional naming convention, Audi has christened the concept the A1. The introduction came in the form of a teaser video with Audi's Chief of Quality Assurance, Werner Zimmerman, playing the part of narrator.

Zimmerman stresses the importance of paying attention to details, and spends a substantial amount of time talking about the high level of refinement found both inside and out on the upcoming concept.

He goes on to say, "[Audi] will set a new benchmark with the A1,"

The A1 will be bowing to the world from Geneva in a few months.

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Jan 28, 2010
by Anonymous

Love the 4 door sedan & the R8 coupe

Love the sedan drivven in Transporter 2.

& the R8 from Iron Man 1.

Ok Audi though.