Audi Calling for Next Generation Electric Vehicle Designs

By now it has become pretty clear that our future in transportation is going to rely heavily on alternative fuels, specifically hybrid electrics. Knowing this, Audi has launched a full scale design contest that will allow designers to dream up their own electric vehicle and submit the design to the German based automaker.

Audi eTron RearAudi eTron Rear

The contest has been named "The Production of Electric Automobiles," and is currently open to any and all who think their design has what it takes. For the most part, it seems as though the company is more interested in the exterior and interior styling for the contest, but adding in the powerplant can't hurt.

The requirements for the entries are fairly simple, as the only real goal is to provide a design that can be easily and quickly implemented without a massive supporting infrastructure. The submission must also clearly demonstrate progression on the part of Audi's electric vehicle division.

The deadline for entries is July 31st, at which point Audi will begin sifting through the designs to select 8 finalists. The lucky group will then be sent to a design workshop where they will have time to refine their ideas and get all the relevant information together. The designs will then be submitted again for final review. The overall winner will be announced in November.

Audi eTron FrontAudi eTron Front

The winner of the contest could see their design go all the way to production and may even earn themselves a place on Audi's design team.

More information can be found at The Production of Electric Automobiles website (translated).