Audi Developes Infotainment System that Can Read Even the Worst Handwriting

In car technology never seems to stand still. As soon as we get used to one thing, automakers move onto the "next big thing." For Audi, this next piece of automotive technology comes in the form of an infotainment system that can actually read and understand the driver's handwriting.

According to Audi, the technology will make trying to use the infotainment system easier and safer while driving. A touchpad, similar to the ones on laptop computers, will be at the center of the new system and allow the driver to spell out names and commands. There will, of course, be a learning curve. However, it shouldn't be much more difficult than learning to say things phonetically so voice activated system don't accidentally dial your in-laws.

A prototype is set to debut at the upcoming Frankfurt Auto Show which will not only provide feedback for improvement, but also offer the public a chance to decide if they like it at all.


Aug 8, 2009
by Anonymous

Nifty... but...

I tried an Apple Newton a looong time ago.

It managed to get 'Hello there into "Your Mother's a Goat'.

I also bought a voice transcription software.

I read it Alice in Wonderland to it for an hour, and it told me I had 'wonderful diction'.

So I replied, 'Thank you; my name is Peter and I hope I have better luck with this'

I won't repeat what I printed:)